September 26th & 27th

3 gigantic shows Saturday2 gigantic shows Sunday!
Saturday @ 11a.m., 3p.m., 7p.m.
Sunday @ 2p.m.6p.m.

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The proud Shrine Honor Guard

Performers raised as hamsters!


The Ringmaster and the Shrine Clowns

Don't try this without a net!

Hey!!  You guys quit clowning around!

It's all about our kids, isn't it?  Earn some
"brownie points" by buying your tix now

Poor little clown hobo... sad... sad!

Shrine Circus Clowns. Wacky and Zany! 


The Elephants!

Tell everybody you know to go to, and

for all of your help!

Mark and just some of the girls & boys
having a good time at the Shrine Circus

The 52nd Annual Shrine Circus is almost here, so
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